32824058This week has felt fast and slow all at once. Where getting to Wednesday was one of the quickest pieces of this week, getting to Friday just felt monumentally painful to me. But finally, thankfully, we’ve reached Saturday and it’s (for me at least, and hopefully for many of you) a three-day weekend! Which means lots of rest for me and maybe a bunch of reading.

And now for the exciting bit. Saturday means it’s time to feature another amazing blog and today it’s Rachel @ In Between Book Pages!

Rachel’s reviews are well thought out, in-depth commentaries on the books that she’s read. I read several of her reviews as I was determining which review to feature here. A bookish blog, Rachel has a really aesthetically pleasing set up and I’m already considering how I can get some of those widgets she has on the side for mine. While I’m a little attached to my layout, I have to say that the side view is really appealing.

Today, I’m featuring the review for Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton.

I feel like the chance of my reading this book was fairly low after simply reading the synopsis, though the fact that the village is said to be sacrificing young men instead of young women was a nice change from the overdone and frankly demeaning practice of history and films or novels where young women were always the sacrifices was something that definitely grabbed my attention. Rachel’s wonderful review, however, really got me even more interested in giving this book a chance as it honestly just sounds amazing.

Check out Rachel’s review, you wont regret it!

“…has everything I want in a book – beautifully haunting writing, an intriguing, unique premise, twisty plot, great representation, and interesting and nuanced characters. It also tackles important topics such as…”

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