img_8162So, an exciting thing happened a little while ago regarding one of the covers that I had featured previously on this blog—and by the image here, I’m sure you can guess which one it was—but I was actually contacted by the author himself and learned a very amazing and interesting fact. While the cover design was determined by the publisher’s artist, the actual dragon drawing itself was done by the author! And that isn’t something, at least to my knowledge, that happens very often.

If you recall the post—which you can read here, if you like—you’ll know that I was basically enamored with the dragon and amazed at how eye-catching it was. I didn’t buy the book in the store that day only because Barnes and Noble has this annoying habit of selling books for a little bit more in the store than they do online and since I get free shipping on account of being a member, there’s really little incentive (other than sheer, desperate need to hold a book on the way out) to not wait and buy it online later. Which, ultimately, is what I do for pretty much every book I decide I want.

I haven’t yet started reading Fern Majestic, though rest assured it is on my list largely due to this stunning cover. Likely you’ll all be seeing a review at some point once I’ve read through a few of the ARCs I still have to get to. I swear, I still have a TBR a hundred thousand miles long. And I don’t foresee that ever changing.

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