26221374And it’s late, but it is time for another blogger support feature where I pick out bookblogs whose creators have given the okay and feature one of their reviews! As always, I’m excited to be sharing this week’s first blogger with you, Michelle @ First Book Love whose blog made me instantly excited on account of the wonderously perfect header image as it featured books from my all time favorite series, The Lunar Chronicles. It’s always super exciting to have favorite books in common.

One of the blogs that definitely has quite a few more books that I would actually be incredibly interested in reading, Michelle tends to review those of the young adult variety, many appearing to be contemporaries. I definitely had a lot of fun scrolling through the many great reviews she’s writtet to find one to feature here today.

Which ultimately leads me to Michelle’s review of Definitions of Indefinable Things, a book featuring a young girl struggling with mental illness and the young man who helps her through it. I’ve not read this book before, but I’m always quite interested in books that tackle the subject of depression, something I have experienced and know quite well myself. I don’t think every book gets it right, but it’s definitely worth reading them to find the ones that do.

“…and she’s a firm believer of the three stages of depression. When she meets Snake, his presence is reassuring, but with his presence brings…”

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