a-thousand-perfect-notes-215463830Is it any wonder, when faced with a blog that features reviews for various genres and has a separate category for young adult, that I went straight to YA? Probably not. For Tan @ booknerdtan, I couldn’t help immediately jumping to the sort of books I’ve always loved and typically feature here more than most others. And while I don’t recognize many of the authors she lists as her favorite, I was excited to see that she’s set a challenge for herself to read a few more fantasy books than she typically does–so perhaps if you know one off the top of your head that was amazing, you can pop over and give her a recommendation!

After all, we’re all here for a bit of community and I think recommending books, especially when one has opened up and asked for them, is just about the most wonderful thing we, as book bloggers, can do.

As for today, I’m featuring Tan’s review for A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews, one that I’ve actually meant to read for a while now–since I began being more active with book Twitter, actually–and a book that, frankly, sounds quite wonderful. I’ve not read it (if that wasn’t obvious), but I am looking forward to it and Tan certainly does a great job of endearing readers to the story.

“…was equal parts heartwarming and heartwrenching and I laughed as much as I cried.
The story was written so beautifully that…”

So, go ahead and check out her review! Stick around and browse her blog! Leave a comment (a recommendation or two on her About Me page, maybe?). And as always, happy reading!

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