39109661Sunday means a lot of things, but for me this Sunday it means traveling. Of course, unlike the sort of travel Anna @ Dole Whip and Books mentions on her blog regarding the places she’s been and her goal to travel the world, I’m simply going home after a Thanksgiving visit with my boyfriend’s family. Anna’s sounds much more fun. With a blog, more or less, dedicated to her life and the things she enjoys, Anna’s got a pretty brilliant aesthetic for her blog, which I love. But, more importantly, it’s always wonderful to find another book and Disney fanatic.

I feel you about that Disney World bit, even if I don’t go as often as I’d like.

I’m truly excited today to feature a review written for The Similars by Rebecca Hanover, one that I’ve been quite curious about from the first moment I saw it. Of course, with a TBR a mile and a half long, I haven’t actually gotten to it but I was thrilled to read Anna’s raving review for this book, learning that it may, in fact, be as amazing as it sounds. There’s nothing better than a book that keeps you so engaged that you finish it within the span of a day.

“…gripped me from the very beginning. She writes like each and every character is standing right in front of you…”

Please feel free to check out Anna’s review and blog! It’s a pretty wonderful one and definitely worth spending some time with. As always, I wish you all happy readings and I hope to get a lot done myself now that I have six flying hours to get back home!

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