And we’re finally winding down with the March TBR list. I’m at the point where I’m positive that this particular list for 2018 will last into 2019. Which, since I love this post series, I’m not really all that upset about as I plan to tackle 2019’s YA releases a little bit differently. Hopefully, some of you find some books worth reading here on this list!

img_8410The first book added to my TBR today is In Her Skin by Kim Savage. While it’s not a book I would typically read, something about the idea of this girl impersonating someone whose been missing makes me quite curious. Of course, there’s some sort of dark family secret and the security that she believed she would be gaining for herself maybe isn’t what she thought it was. Though somewhat typical sounding, it’s left me intrigued.

img_8411This next book just seems so wondrously dramatic. One of the lines in the synopsis of Lost Crow Conspiracy is that the main character didn’t know she was going to break the world. And I don’t know what it is, but this book just makes me giggle. Which, I suppose is some sort of irony because the story actually sounds quite serious. I’m excited to find out where it goes.

img_8412Fraternities vs. Feminism seems to be the theme in Frat Girl by Kiley Roache and I could not be more excited to give this book a try. Ironically, I recently read Roache’s newest publication thanks to NetGalley and, while I didn’t love it, I have much higher hopes for this book in particular. The premise just sounds much more interesting and my style. Not to mention, I think Roache bit off a bit more than she could chew with her newest novel as a lack of technical knowledge regarding app building definitely took away from the realism of her book. I truly think that this book is a gem I’ve been waiting for.

img_8413Okay, it’s a stupid reason to add a book to your TBR, but I’ve gone and done it. The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton is literally only on this list because the synopsis compared it to Game of Thrones. And I mean, really, how could I resist? Though I’ll be honest here, I’m not really sure how the hell a war is supposed to be sexy. Even in Game of Thrones, it really just isn’t.

img_8414And finally for this round, the last official bit of March (though you’ll see two more from this month in next week’s TBR list) is Melissa Ostrom’s The Beloved Wild. I’m not entirely sure how Pride and Prejudice fits into this intriguing new story about a young girl who embarks on an adventure alongside her brother whilst dressed as a young man, but I’m excited to find out. I suppose I could say, thus far, I see the comparison with the mother a little bit.

As always, I’m happy to hear what you think about the books on this list? Are any of them of interest to you enough that they might find their way onto your TBR? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, happy reading!

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