The Ice ChildIt’s been a while since I talked about The Ice Child by Evangeline Denmark, but with December right around the corner it seems like now is just the perfect time to do so. I read and reviewed this book last December, I believe…though now that I think about it maybe it was January. I enjoyed it immensely, just as I enjoyed all of Denmark’s work–a whopping two books–and was devastated when I found out that this was only published in e-book format.

The story was fantastic, after all, and who wouldn’t want that gorgeous cover on their bookshelf?

Alas, it was not to be. At least, not unless the book were to get more popular and such, then perhaps?? I swear, I’m not sending hopeful looks at each and every one of you. At least, only because I can’t through a computer screen. Anyway, the novella is fantastic and if you think you might be interested hop on over and read my review, then add it on Goodreads cause I think a lot of you will enjoy it!

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