81yvmccllflIt’s finally the weekend, which means its time to feature another review from yet another fantastic book blogger, this time Rebecca @ What Rebecca’s Read who happens to have one of the most organized blogs I’ve ever seen. The number of categories she has for her reviews alone is pretty impressive and I have to say bravo for the dedication put into that sort of organization. I’m impressed.

And, if I’m being totally honest, I might have to take a page out of her book when it comes to organization because my blog could definitely use some help.

The book I’m featuring today is one that I once read with a student, but never actually finished. It was a book they were working on and as I wasn’t consistently working with this student, my experience with the novel consisted primarily of random scenes within at entirely different portions of the book. I still have no idea how it began. But it was so well written that I knew I would have to read it on my own at some point, I simply haven’t managed to do so yet.

I was thoroughly pleased to get a chance to read Rebecca’s review for Little Bee by Chris Cleave. The review, itself, is brilliantly written and definitely leaves you endeared to the story almost instantaneously. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book to read even more now,

“…I found myself gripped by every paragraph…I felt as though I was there on the beach, I was there in Bee’s hometown of Understanding and I was there in the kitchen dealing with…”

I’d definitely suggest taking some time out to read Rebecca’s review. It’s pretty exceptional, just as the book appears to be.

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