27883214And as the weekend wraps up, I’m here with another Blogger Support Feature where today I’m featuring the fantastic Luana @ Book Storm Girl. A somewhat infrequent blogger with a lot of love to spread about the fantastic books out there, Luana’s blog is definitely one worth checking out. I had a blast reading through several of her posts. After all, quality is far more important than quantity in many scenarios.

Now, I personally did not enjoy Caraval by Stephanie Garber for various reasons, but this is a book that Luana loved and she expressed it exceptionally. Ironically, one of the reasons I disliked Caraval happens to be a reason she loved it, which goes to show that reading and loving a book is a very personal experience and one that we cannot expect everyone to share our opinions of.

I always appreciate when there are two sides to things, so long as they’re not harmful of course, and thus it does make me quite happy to be able to provide the readers of my blog with multiple opinions of a book. So, if you’re curious about Caraval or even if you’ve read it and just want to read someone gushing about it as much as you might have, check out her review!

“…and speaking of unexpected things – there are so many plot twists and deceptions – you get played once and again and never really know what’s actually going on till the very end. At which point… you just want more…”

And maybe take some time to give her blog some love, cause she definitely deserves it!

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