And thus begins my set of April books, slowly but surely making my way through all the YA novels published in the year 2018. With the year winding down and us beginning the month of December, it’s clear that this post series is going to run into 2019, but as it’s always fun to talk about books no matter what year they’re published, I don’t imagine that being much of a problem at all.

This week we’ve got a bit of the March books thrown in with our new April TBR releases as there were two books from the previous month that went over my typical five features. And the newest additions to my TBR are:

img_8415Not if I Save You First by Ally Carter is a bit of a guilty pleasure book, featuring the son of the President and the daughter of a Secret Service agent. There’s definitely a lot more to the book than that, which is ultimately why it found a spot on my TBR, but I feel like this sort of thing is something that I always want to read but usually end up feeling ridiculous about having picked up after. It almost gives me the same vibe I always get from one of those “this girl is fake dating this celebrity for good publicity and a payout she desperately needs and then they end up falling in love because she’s normal” kind of books. But who knows, maybe this one will be surprisingly brilliant. It seems like it might be.

img_8416There’s something deeply endearing about Nothing But Sky by Amy Trueblood and while I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is, I definitely feel a strong pull toward this novel. The mere phrase “wing walker” and the description of the main character is enough to have me immediately engrossed, even without the utterly dazzling-sounding love interest. And then, I suppose I’m somewhat influenced by the fact that I’m in love with a man who has a deep love of aviation and thus the sky portions of this novel are truly enamoring to me. There’s a lot about this book’s synopsis that really captures my attention and I really hope this ends up being a book I love.

future lostWhy do I get the feeling that the boyfriend in Future Lost by Elizabeth Briggs is the villain? Actually, I’ll be honest, I think I’m just being hopeful because that would be impressively amazing as far as I’m concerned. The thing about this book is that I don’t find the synopsis massively interesting, but it works well in terms of how it really grabs whoever reads it because ultimately, I’m going to pick up this book solely to find out what happens. And I think that’s really the mark of a brilliant book blurb because that’s really the one thing you want to get from it is a reader, for whatever reason. And if you’ve got something grabbing, like this book certainly does, you’re basically all set after that.

neverlandI honestly don’t know how to feel about Neverland by Margot McGovern. I was initially quite resistant to the story because the characters that were being described definitely weren’t the ones I was expecting. Where was Peter? Wendy? Tinkerbell? And yet, as I read on I became so thoroughly engrossed that I might end up buying this book later today. Kit believes she is from Neverland, having been sent to the mainland after her parents’ death. After an attempted suicide, Kit is transferred to a mental health ward where she proceeds to bring several friends into her fantasy, unwilling to let Neverland go. I’m not sure which direction I want this story to head in. I’m not sure if I want Neverland to be a fantasy or a reality. And where an initially unimpressive sounding Peter Pan retelling–can I even call it such?–is suddenly sounding very intriguing.

amelia westlakeThe thing about Amelia Westlake by Erin Gough that I really need to know right now is what that “worrying incident” with the swim coach is and why a “feminist hoax” was the necessary response. I don’t feel completely right about this particular book, but I’m definitely going to read it because I feel like there’s a lot of potential for this to go terribly wrong or wondrously right depending on how the story is handled. So, while it does appear to be somewhat unsettling, this definitely isn’t a book that I feel right ignoring.

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