Caleb and KitI had to edit this review before throwing back to it, that is…I had to add the picture, change the way I was rating it–I wasn’t using foxes yet–and I had to add my three links at the bottom. It’s more of a “show” thing than anything else, but I just wanted the review to look a little bit more like my reviews look now. Granted, I’ve more recently stopped putting quotes at the top of my reviews, but I’d like to begin implementing that again. I may just go back and add quotes to all the ones I skipped thus far.

This week, throwback Thursday is featuring a review from when I first made an account on NetGalley, a book I actually found myself enjoying quite a lot. With a Bridge to Terabithia feel, but with less sadness, this book had much going for it. Caleb and Kit was a wonderful read and I was glad to have the chance to read it.

So, feel free to check out my review if you’re curious about the book! And then maybe check Caleb and Kit out Goodreads if it sounds like something you’d enjoy reading.

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