d1bfab610491b9697108133caf0b6e87And it’s the weekend again which means it’s time for relaxation–I mean, -ish, I still have a crazy puppy–a whole lot of sleeping in, and another Blogger Support Feature! This Saturday I’m featuring a review from Cassandra @ The Bibliophagist, a pale pink blog with a lot to offer. From reviews to blogging tips, you can easily find yourself browsing this blog for quite a while. I have a lot of respect for bloggers who are also moms as I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into their day and they still have the time to set aside for things like blogging.

Today’s review feature is for the book To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, a rather exciting under the sea novel released this year, this is a book I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time now and it’s regularly exciting to see that other people truly loved it. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to with this book, I think, and Cassandra’s review is raving. And really, with phrases like these, how could it ever be possible that Cassandra does not entice you to read the book?

…for Lira, Princess of the sea, there is only one type of heart that will satisfy her…that of a Prince and she has known no other[…]Elian is a Prince who yearns to live at sea[…]What he desires most is seeing the last glare in the eye of a siren as his blade pierces their pale flesh…”

So, take some time today to check out Cassandra’s blog, read a few of her reviews and give her some of your support!

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