5156dxaqbrlWith lots of blog tours and cover reveals, Karen @ Go Buy The Book introduces the readers of her blogs to all sorts of mystery and crime type books. An exciting and wonderful feature that her blog has, in particular, is that it offers excerpts from a lot of the books in her blog tours, giving you the opportunity to sample the book prior to deciding to get it. And, of course, often times you can do this via Amazon itself, but it’s definitely easier to have all that information in one place.

And from someone who has sampled quite a number of books from Amazon, the formatting for Amazon’s samplers is absolutely awful.

The Dancer by John Nixon has a cover that I’m actually quite fond of and, as stated in Karen’s review, has a rather curious way of solving a mystery. I find the genealogical aspects to be quite fascinating, though I can’t say that I fully understand them. But it is exceptionally exciting for a book to cover aspects that a reader themselves has in their everyday life, as Karen does with genealogy.

…Madeleine uses her genealogical knowledge to help solve a mystery, in this case the identity of a woman suspected of being pushed off a cliff. As someone who researches my own family, I always like to predict the methods about to be used by fictional genealogists…”

Please take a few moments from your day to check out Go Buy The Book, especially if you are interested in mystery or crime fiction. I have a feeling that Karen will have quite a few books for you to consider adding to your TBR!

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