the curse of the skyfolkI am pretty much in love with this cover. There’s a very airship sort of feel to that text that really just draws me in instantly. The sky is gorgeous, partially concealing the city below. I definitely appreciate the fact that you can see a few birds off in the distance and the contrast between the and the clouds.

But most of all, I love the way the character exists there, smack in the middle of the page with sharp contrasting red hair and the additional eye-catching contrast of the red clearly indicating some sort of magic to come in the book. The lights of the buildings in front of her give us a really wonderful image of what is going on and while I did not realize it when I initially picked up the book, the long knife in her hand is also a really wonderful inclusion to really capture the feeling of the cover.

I’ll admit, I basically decided to read this one largely because of this cover. And I did, at times, really enjoy reading it. It was really intriguing, this idea of people living in the sky–something I’d actually been working on prior to finding this book with my own writing and ultimately that ended up being one of the reasons why I decided to read it–and I truly think this cover does a fantastic job of portraying that.

And now, to you. What do you think of the cover? Like it? Hate it? Would you read this book based solely on the cover like I did? Let me know in the comments!

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