spinning silverRain @ Book Dragonism has one of the funniest contact pages I’ve ever seen and you’re just gonna have to click to see what it is. I usually link to the about page for blogs–because I don’t really think that anyone visits those pages often enough–but since she didn’t have one I’ve decided to just leave it at the contact page because it made me giggle a bit today. I quickly learned, visiting this blog, that Rain has the sort of humor that I find quite appealing and it was truly a pleasure reading through her reviews in order to find one to feature today.

To top it all off, Rain has some of the best reviews I’ve ever read. They’re well written, honest, and, best of all, hilarious. Her review for Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik was so much fun to read and left me grinning. It was such an engaging and fun review that I immediately went to read some of her others. And if you’re not following Rain by now, you really should be.

I’ve not read the book yet, though it’s been on my TBR for a while but after hearing how good it is, I can’t wait.

…Honestly, I almost chose to DNF this book. DON’T THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS YET. Let me explain…this book has not only one but THREE female protagonists who are remarkable not because of their…”

Please drop by Rain’s blog and give her review (and the contact page!) some love. She’s totally awesome, hilarious, and definitely deserves your support!

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