what's love got to do with itSaar (pronounced Sarah in French) @ Walking Through the Pages has one of the most fun about me pages I’ve ever seen. Not only is it a really fantastic way to introduce some things about yourself, I genuinely just wanted to read more. A teacher, a book lover (obviously), and Christmas obsessed Saar is definitely the sort of person I would consider super awesome. Can you convince my boyfriend to let me be Christmas obsessed in our apartment? Cause we didn’t have a tree this year.

And honestly, you guys, if you check out nothing else on her blog–which would be a travesty, so don’t do that–it should be Saar’s about me page.

I usually always try to feature reviews with higher ratings, the ones that the book blogger in question really enjoyed reading. On occasion, when a negative review is exceptionally written, I’ll feature one of those. This time, however, I’m zeroing in on one that was more highly rated. For Saar it was What’s Love Got to do With It? by Anna Premoli.

“…why am I mentioning this at the beginning of a bookreview, you ask? Because What’s Love Got To Do With It gave me something I didn’t even know I needed. It gave me the best banter since Gilmore Girls…”

And that’s all for today. Take a bit of time to read the full review, drop by Saar’s blog, and give her a bit of support! She’s got a pretty fantastic blog that definitely deserves to be shared with the world a little bit more!

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