hollow shoresI love the play on last names that Louise @ Dickens Does Books does with her blog. You almost immediately think of Charles Dickens and it doesn’t take long at all to feel exceptionally jealous of her last name (hopefully you really are related to him!). A journalism graduate, it’s no wonder that Louise enjoys spending some of her time writing reviews and sharing her opinions and discussing different viewpoints on the books that she both loves and dislikes. She’s also got a pretty cool photo on her about page that a part of me wants to recreate for my Instagram–in the event that I actually use it rather than forgetting it exists.

With a whole bunch of books that I’ve never heard of before, it was an absolute blast reading through several of Louise’s reviews on her blog. I ultimately decided to feature her review for Hollow Shores by Gary Budden largely due to Louise’s exceedingly captivating way of writing about it. While not something that I consider myself choosing to read simply by coming across it, I’m actually quite curious and might be picking this one up at some point simply on account of how she discussed it. And that’s always a wonderful thing, to be turned onto a book that you might not have read prior because another reader expressed how good it was.

“Really weird” is definitely one way to describe this collection, but I would prefer to choose enchanting, haunting or melancholic instead. Indeed, I’ve never read anything like it (and probably won’t again)….”

Take a bit of time out of your day today to check out Louise’s review and blog! She’s definitely one to have on your radar and has a great voice. I’m looking forward to reading more of her reviews in the future!

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