re janeAnd the weekend has come again, so it’s time to feature another awesome blog! This week’s feature is for Lynne @ Words of Mystery who doesn’t actually have an About Me page, so I’ve linked you to her review policy instead. While I always like to learn a little bit more about the people behind the blogs by looking at their About pages, you can still learn a few things about Lynne by visiting her review policy. She happens to like literary fiction that features diverse authors, with a bit of a focus on Asian authors, which is always a really great thing to hear about readers and reviewers.

And so, in the spirit of celebrating diverse authors, particularly those whose books Lynne has enjoyed quite a lot, today’s featured review is Re Jane by Patricia Park. Not only does this book just sound utterly fantastic, Lynne does an amazing job of grabbing your attention and really selling the novel. I’d never read Jaye Eyre before, but I’m very curious now to do so just so that I can read this novel with the eyes of someone who understands where a small part of its inspiration came from.

“…a modern retelling with a unique twist to the classic novel, Jane Eyre. We meet Jane Re, a half-American, half-Korean young woman who has grown up in Flushing, Queens for her whole life. An orphan, she lives…”

Please take some time out of your day to drop by Lynne’s blog and give her some much-deserved support for all her great reviews!

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