freshmanI have actually been following Crystal @ Paper Royalty for quite some time now and I’ve always really appreciated all the wonderful bookish posts she makes over the past year. Primarily focused on a multitude of genres in the Young Adult category, Crystal enjoys spending her time reading and reviewing many of the same books I typically love. So, if you’ve noticed a lot of books you like here, chances are you’ll feel the same about the ones on hers.

And if you’re a Disney fan at all, you’ll love the names she’s got for her pets.

For today I’m featuring the review for Freshman by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, a book that I find myself growing quite intrigued by mainly because it’s something I’ve not read before. Freshman year of college is something interesting for just about anyone who goes and I can’t help but feel somewhat excited to know how this is handled in a novel. I’ve not read any books about college, really, and to have that gap filled in definitely sounds like an interesting experience. I dunno how it will go for me, but at least the book sounds pretty good from what I’ve read of Crystal’s review.

“…first semester was a complete mess while they were still trying to figure out who to befriend and who to crush on. There were real scenarios that I have experienced for myself. Let me just add this was hilarious….”

So, take a bit of time out of your day to give Crystal some support and definitely consider following her if you like her reviews!

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One thought on “Paper Royalty [Freshman] Blogger Support Feature

  1. This has made my day! You’re seriously the best. 😭
    I do recommend this book to any YA contemporary lover out there. Or anyone who just wants to laugh out loud!
    I hope you enjoy this read! 💕💕


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