the cruel princeAnother weekend, another review feature! This week I’m hoping to give some support to Victoria @ The Contented Reader who began her blogging experience back on Tumblr. It makes me wonder, as someone who also began there, how many of us actually started out with that website. A blog with one of the cutest graphics I’ve ever seen, Victoria seems to review mainly young adult–my favorite!–but does have a separate page for kids called The Kiddie Corner.

There were honestly a lot of wonderful reviews to choose from where Victoria’s blog is concerned. I love the way she writes them and on more than one occasion her thoughts influenced how I felt about the possibility of reading the book. And thus picking a review to feature was actually a rather difficult choice. I ultimately chose The Cruel Prince by Holly Black largely because I have no intention of reading it, therefore want my readers to have a chance to see someone’s view on the book, and Victoria’s review was exceptionally grabbing.

“…don’t think I’ve been more conflicted about a book in my life. Do I like this book? Are these characters as annoying as I think they are? Am I actually rooting for these characters? Do I seriously want more…”

So, take some time out of your day to give Victoria and The Contented Reader some of your support! Drop by, read a review or two, like a post. You know you want to. And, as always, happy reading!

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