edinburgh duskJane @ Jane Cairns Mystery Reviews + Writing reviews precisely the sort of books you’d first picture upon reading the title of her blog. With a set up mainly focused on mystery books, it’s no wonder that Sherlock Holmes is a beloved story. And while mystery books, especially those of the Sherlock variety, are the primary focus of this blog, it seems that poetry and literary fiction are also types of books that Jane really likes to read and write about.

One of the most exciting things about this blog, though, is the fact that Jane also includes some of her own writing of short fiction and poetry as well. It’s definitely something you should all check out.

The book review I decided to feature today was, admittedly, largely due to the fact that I own the first book in this series. I haven’t read it yet, but obviously I plan to eventually and I think it’ll be kind of cool to have Jane’s review featured now. Edinburgh Dusk by Carole Lawrence is a rather intriguing sounding novel about “a Shakespeare-quoting Detective” as he navigates the mystery of several murders that, at first glance for me, don’t seem to be connected.

“…Hamilton and Dickerson meet Arthur Conan Doyle, a medical student, and his real-life mentor, Dr. Bell; both work at the hospital where Hamilton and others are taken due to…”

Definitely check out Jane’s exciting review for this book–and maybe even the book itself it seems up your alley!– and have a peek about her blog to show her some of your support!

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