steam stories: the picnic problemI picked up The Picnic Problem by Jonathan Litton largely due to the fact that it was labeled as a STEAM book, one meant to promote the learning and understanding of a subject within that particular set of fields. While I’d love to see one that focused on technology, it was still wonderful to see a book that promoted math work and learning for young children in a fun and engaging sort of way. Giving various math problems for the kids to do, from counting to determining shapes, adding, and even multiplication.

I deeply appreciate the purpose of this book and I believe that it accomplishes its goal fairly well. All of the problems are perfect for early learners and the sort of scavenger hunt theme that the story takes on opens up the opportunity to not only find oneself intrigued as to where it will lead but also engaged in solving the mystery. Though the mystery can be quite obvious to those who can infer from the title, I feel like it works well for little kids.

I didn’t love the artwork, but it wasn’t bad either. While I’m typically a bit more picky, I can see a lot of kids really engaging with the colors and cutesy drawings. It’s all very clearly pictured, which is important where the counting pieces are concerned. All in all, I find that this book is a wonderful introduction to math for kiddos and I definitely hope it helps them.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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