dreamologyThis weekend I’m featuring a review from the lovely Sarahi @ Reader Gal. I feel like, and I could be wrong on this, a great many of us book bloggers are fairly introverted but it’s always great to see acknowledgement on someone’s about me page. I feel like it fosters building connections when you realize you have something like that in common with someone. And to be completely honest, I think we can all relate to enjoying reading and binging shows on Netflix.

I decided to feature Sarahi’s review for Dreamology, largely due to the fact that this is a book whose premise I’ve imagined for quite some time. I’m not surprised that someone has written it, but it’s definitely something that I thought of as well. The story follows a couple who fell in love in their dreams and one day they end up learning that the other isn’t just a figment of their reality, but is actually a real person.

It is kind of a throwback to my middle school years, in a way, but I always love the nostalgic feelings.

“…I didn’t think this book would grab my attention since it sounded kind of childish but in fact it made me smile and gave me some creative sparks….”

Please take some time to drop by Sarahi’s blog, read some of her newer reviews, leave a comment or two! And, as always, happy reading!

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