even if i fallI was immediately captivated the first moment I read the synopsis of Even if I Fall by Abigail Johnson. UGH, this book sounds really good. I’m honestly at a point, looking at my disastrously long TBR where I find a book I really want to read and I’m just immediately like…nooooooooo! Okay, but I’m also partially just annoyed because this book includes a murder and I keep saying that these books tend to turn me off–which they do most of the time–but here I am adding another. Though to be fair, I’ve only added about five in the past year or so and the vast majority of the books that I have added are in my more typical areas. But still.

Okay, so this book focuses on the aftermath of a murder and the two characters largely impacted by it. First is the younger sister of the boy who committed the murder of his best friend and second is the younger brother of the boy her brother murdered. And the relationship that the two build just makes this book sound utterly engaging, so much so that I feel like it’ll be one of the sorts that you pick up and just can’t put down no matter how hard you try.

And I mean, can you imagine the drama this book is going to have? The little sister of the murderer befriending the little brother of the murdered? I don’t expect that either of their families will be even slightly okay with that connection. And all I can think is damn. I need to read this book, so it’s definitely going into my priority TBR rather than my regular TBR.

What about you? Is this a book you’re interested in picking up? Is it one that you think you might pass over? Let me know in the comments!

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