a sky for us aloneI honestly don’t know about A Sky for us Alone by Kristin Russell. To an extent, it sounds like something I’d like to read but I almost feel as though that feeling is largely based on the fact that, despite it not being one, the book’s synopsis makes it sound like a fantasy story. And then, of course, there’s the politics of it all which I find deeply interesting in their own right. (That piece is a bit ironic considering there was a time when I wouldn’t have based a desire to read a book on such a thing, but growth happens and here we are.) The book seems to have quite a bit of commentary regarding poverty, how those with money make the rules and get away with whatever they want to–pretty much–and the idea of hope and where we get it from. It’s definitely quite an interesting premise at surface level, but for some reason I just feel iffy about it.

Regardless, I’ve added this book to my TBR tentatively as I’m curious enough to say that it sounds like something worth reading. Of course, my back and forth feeling on this book has led me to add it without any intention of reading it soon. Chances are I’ll likely forget that this book has been added until I go through it because I’ve run out of things to read. So, who knows if I’ll actually get around to this one anyhow?

What are your thoughts on this book? Is it on your TBR? Have you read it yet? Do you think I should reconsider my priority on this one or is the iffy feeling pretty on point? Let me know in the comments!

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