freak of natureI almost decided not to go with this one, a review written an exceedingly long time ago that is just filled with cringe and I really should take the time to rewrite it at some point, I guess, though I hated the book so I don’t really know if I care to. As it is, though, I changed a few things before linking it.

You see, the thing about this review that I really don’t like is how harsh I was. Now, I’m a huge supporter of negative reviews. I think they’re important and I genuinely do believe that they can improve things. But there’s definitely a difference between negative reviews and reviews that are so harsh they border on mean. And I regret some of the things I said in this particular review, not because of the fact that I said them but rather how they were stated.

I didn’t like the book and I had a number of reasons for it. But my language could have been better.

And I think the main reason why I decided to throwback to this review is because I’m sure there has been a time for many of us where we’ve written a review without considering what might happen if the author were to stumble upon it. And we were a little harsher (potentially even rude) than we should have been. I believe I make a good effort to not do so in the majority of my reviews now–though, I cannot fully restrain myself in the event that a book is romanticizing abuse and perhaps that is something I should work on?–but I did make a few mistakes in my early reviewing days.

This review, though edited, is one of them.

And I think it’s important to call myself out for it, to do what work I can with myself, my reviews, and my writing to improve upon that. And so, if you want to check out my review (which ironically doesn’t even discuss one of the worst aspects of the book, the dangerous and unrealistic idea that donating one’s body to science means that their life would be stolen) for Freak of Nature by Julia Crane, you can. It’s one of my firsts and one of my regrets. But the good thing about regrets is that you can learn from them.

And while I certainly did not like this book at all, maybe you will, so feel free to check it out on Goodreads if you’re interested. That’s all for now, I hope you all have a lovely Thursday! Happy reading!

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