all the little bonesToday I’m featuring a review from Jasmine (Jax) @ Life with a Simple Reader (readingwithjax) who has a wonderful blog that I wish I’d been following before now because I have definitely been lacking in my life by not reading her posts. I felt truly sad not to have known the books she mentioned as her favorite on her about me page, so you can bet I’ve added them all to my TBR (though one of them was already there!). Oh, and here’s a cool fact: Jasmine loves spoilers! I have to say, that’s the first time I’ve come across someone with that opinion and I love it.

I feel truly as though I’ve been missing out after seeing all the really fun and amazing reviews Jasmine has written. It wasn’t an easy decision, but fortunately once the cover caught my eye I was pretty sure I’d be going with her review for All the Little Bones the first book in the Circus Hearts series by Ellie Marney. Such an exciting sounding novel, the review definitely opens you up to wanting to read this book and I can’t wait to read for myself all the pieces that she raved about.

“…they were like the modern version of Bonnie and Clyde, with a darker shade of unspeakable truth and unforgettable kindred spirits….”

Please, take some time out of your day to give Jasmine’s blog some love. She’s amazing, her reviews are phenomenal, and she definitely deserves some support. And, as always, happy reading to you all!

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2 thoughts on “Life with a Simple Reader [All the Little Bones] Blogger Support Feature

  1. OMG. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Stephanie!! Your post warms my heart and certainly makes my day. ❤ Truly hope you'll love my favorite books, especially the Circus Hearts trilogy! Happy reading! :DD


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