the opposite of innocentHello everyone and welcome to another Blogger Support Feature, today’s for Brianna @ A Vintage Existence. A YA reader and reviewer who offers editing services and enjoys doing author interviews, Brianna has a fairly new blog that we should all definitely take some time out of our day to check out. She’s only had this particular blog since August of 2018 and already has a bunch of amazing posts available to read.

I really appreciate the way that Brianna writes her reviews, following a format of commenting on what she found good, bad, and meh about the novel she read. She also adds a quick, one-sentence summary for the novel as a whole which I found myself liking immensely. I decided to feature her review for The Opposite of Innocent by Sonya Sones, one that was ultimately a middle of the road book for Brianna. I really enjoyed reading this review and felt it gave me a really good idea for how the book will go.

And it even got me interested in checking out the book.

“…while The Opposite of Innocent presents a growing problem and the ramifications of cause-and-effect, it fails to satiate readers’ hunger for justice and satisfaction…”

Drop by Brianna’s blog to give her some support! Check out her fantastic reviews and give her a follow!

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