This is always a fun little party game that people have a tendency to play–I myself have only played it on a few occasions–and it’s at least one of those ice breakers that doesn’t leave you feeling crazy awkward. Seeing it modified (ish) to fit the book tag community was an exciting moment for me and basically resulted in an I must do this now sort of response. And honestly, you should all do it, too. Now, I’m not a big tagger, but if you do one and tag me I promise I will definitely drop by to try and pick out the lie.

And now here we go:

  1. I carry a book in my purse at all times.
  2. My mother once grounded me by taking away my favorite book.
  3. My boyfriend thinks I should switch to e-books.

Think you can spot the lie? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Two Truths and a Lie in Books

  1. This is an awesome tag! I really really hope it is not number 2! That would be sad 😦 and I am pretty sure you do number 1 unless you don’t carry a purse around with you? So I am going to guess number 3 😀


  2. What is the liee?? 😨
    Mmh. Id bet on no.2!

    I was thinking #3, but then having a boyfriend who fall asleep earlier than me, ebooks actually help me sneak-read while he sleep in bed rather than paper, well… I cant get the light on to read it as he’d obviously be bothered xD


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