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Ugh, there are so many books on this list that I don’t really think it’s fair to limit it to only ten. And since there are so many, I’m just going to list the first ten I think of.

Rust and Stardust10. Rust and Stardust by T. Greenwood

I meant to read this one a looong time ago. But I wanted to reread Lolita before I read a book about its inspiration. And, unfortunately, my rereading of Lolita was interrupted by a desire to read other books more than that particular mess of gross and just sort of forget about it. And so, resultingly, I never actually went on to pick up Rust and Stardust despite really wanting to read it.

troy's possibilities9. Troy’s Possibilities by Rodney Strong

I think I picked this one up at some point, but never actually got around to reading it as a whole. I’d really wanted to because the premise sounded fantastic and so I immediately went out and bought it. But I just never actually picked it up passed that first day. It was so ridiculous and I still haven’t touched the book, not because it was bad or anything, but it just never occurred to me to do so. I was supposed to have read it back in June.

the black witch8. The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

I requested this one from NetGalley largely based off a review from a reviewer whom I’ve been following for quite some time now who always seems to have some really good things to say about the books she reads, even if I don’t always agree with her conclusions. But this book has been surrounded by controversy and, if her review is accurate, I’m not entirely sure why. And at the end of the day, as I did with 50 Shades of Grey, I just want to see for myself.

the girl king7. The Girl King by Mimi Yu

I’ve heard mixed things about this book which is mainly why I haven’t gotten to it yet. A lot of people were disappointed with it and that makes me nervous to read it. I have an ARC from NetGalley–which I suppose isn’t much of an ARC now since it was published this month–and I just never got around to it. The plague of requesting far too many books. Really, someone should teach me how to stop doing that because it’s a little embarrassing. And yet…I probably never will because there’s just so many books that I want to read!

second star6. Second Star by J. M. Sullivan

I started this one, meant to finish it, but decided not to based on the fact that I was trying to get the 80% badge on NetGalley and needed to read and review the requested and approved ones to achieve that rather than the Read Nows. Which is really unfortunate in the end because this book actually sounded amazing. And it’s still on my list of books to finish and all that, but I am a little bit disappointed that I left it so long. Especially since I didn’t even get the badge in the time frame that I wanted to. I mean, honestly. What a waste. Half those books weren’t even that great. Anyway, here’s to finishing this one in January. Hopefully.

the trouble with flying5. The Trouble with Flying by Rochelle Morgan

Ahhgggg, I ran out of time in December to read this. It was part of a Kindle Unlimited free trial, literally the main reason why I got the free trial in the first place but I just didn’t have the time. Also, I’m not going to lie…I may not pick this one back up because the author completely ruined it with religion. I swear, if I have to deal with another emotional religious person with no real provable answers to anything converting an intellectual with actual scientific knowledge and understanding of the world sort of book, I am going to scream. And potentially throw the damn thing across the room. I will literally buy the book just so I can throw it (not really, but it’s tempting).

thief of cahraman4. Theif of Cahraman by Lucy Tempest

This is one of those books that I started and just thought I’d have gotten through by now. It’s not because I loved it or because I wanted to spend a lot of time on it, but because I actually had the time and it was an easy read. But I just…really didn’t like it. And so…naturally, I forgot about it in favor of a multitude of other books. I’m sure I’ll get back to it at some point since I absolutely abhor leaving books as DNF, but I dunno…I wouldn’t expect much here or a good review for that matter. And probably not for a while. Ugh. That hurts a little.

children3. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I started this one, didn’t love it, got busy, and then never picked it back up. I feel like this book got a lot more hype than it actually deserved, but that might just be me. I dunno what it was, really, about the book that really pushed me away but I never felt invested in any of it. And then with my workload increasing substantially (thanks, summer) I just couldn’t find the time to finish it. I didn’t read a lot over the summer, which was quite upsetting but couldn’t really be helped. And since this was something I started up near the beginnings of it, it just became a book that fell to the wayside. And by the time I was able to get back to it, I’d forgotten enough to justify starting over and I just didn’t care to do that because I never fell in love with the novel. So, here we are, I guess.

Sea Witch2. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

I never even started this one, which is just thoroughly depressing to me because Sea Witch was literally top five in my most anticipated reads of 2018. And I got it. I got distracted. And so it’s been sat on my shelf ever since. I’m just, frankly, rather ashamed of this fact. You’d think with all my raving about it earlier this year that I would have actually found time to read it but that just doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I almost feel like I shouldn’t be allowed to buy books until I get through all the ones I have at this point.

the everlasting rose1. The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton

Supposed to be my main priority book for December, I didn’t receive the book mail until later in the month and by the time I did get it I was really shooting to get the 80% badge on Netgalley. And so I put it off for a while, then decided that I really needed to reread The Belles before actually getting to The Everlasting Rose. Add in the fact that I had a bunch of work and prior life commitments and there’s your recipe for a lot of book to not get to in time for the end of the year. I didn’t even get to finish my Lunar Chronicles end of the year reread that I always do.

And hopefully I get to reading these books before 2019 because it would honestly just be a little embarrassing to have meant to read these books two years in a row and to still not get to them.

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