I have exciting news! I logged onto NetGalley yesterday to find that I had recently gotten a new badge, one that I was fairly certain I would have to wait some time for but managed to get rather quickly. I had expected that I would be waiting for the Auto-Approved badge for a long time, hoping for the best but not really expecting a whole lot of anything. I could not be more thrilled to find out that I was wrong. It was such a lovely surprise.

As far as the 80% badge that I had talked about wanting to achieve some time ago, I have a feeling that it’s going to just take a lot more time than I anticipated. I appear to have no self-control when it comes to requesting novels and so I always end up with a percentage between 72% and 80%. The few times that I’ve gotten 80% it hasn’t lasted long and never long enough for the badge to appear on my profile.

But, I am working on it, reading a bunch and not shutting down any attempt to keep me from getting it. I have over 100 reviews at this point, of course, so hopefully it wont end up being too, too long after this. Either way, I’m pretty proud of my achievements.

100 Book Reviews Frequently Auto-Approved Reviews Published

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6 thoughts on “NetGalley Achievements and Badges!

    1. The publisher has to decide. I think it’s based on speediness and quality of reviews and how many of their books you’ve read and reviewed. I tend to get auto approved by publishers for which I’ve reviewed multiples of their books.

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