blanca & rojaAs January winds down and the weekend along with it, it’s time again for another blogger support feature, this one for Ben @ Ace of Bens! A YA enthusiast–my favorite sort of book blogger, if I’m being honest–Ben has a tendency to focus on novels of the young adult variety. With aspirations of becoming a literary translator, Ben has a reading preference for books that promote diversity, particularly those that discuss or portray LGBTQ, gender, and latine subjects.

Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore is one of those popular books that I added to my TBR without looking at the blurb simply because a lot of people seemed to be talking about it. I ended up getting a copy, but due to my constant busy life, never actually picked it up to read it. After reading Ben’s review for this book, I can’t wait to crack this one open.

“…it’s so common to see women pitted against each other in today’s society, so to see one where two girls are thrown into a situation specifically curated to instigate a fight and have them rise above it is so refreshing…”

Please drop by Ben’s blog and show some support today! The aesthetic and especially the reviews are amazing. And if you’re into young adult genre, you’ll definitely want to give Ben a follow!

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