a whole new worldI recently got my hands on a copy of Part of Your World by Liz Braswell, an author who has spent quite a bit of time rewriting and working popular Disney film stories into what she calls “twisted tales.” I’ve noticed, after having looked at and read several of the books she’s written in this collection, that I have a tendency to really dislike the majority of what she does with her stories.

While they often have good ideas and a heaping amount of potential in their premises, she often falls flat for one reason or another, something that has led me to decide I have no interest in reading her Mulan twisted tale which takes a good story and muddles it up by sending her character to the underworld to retrieve a dead Shang. And I just can’t.

But, at the same time, I’m pretty excited to read Part of Your World just as I was quite excited to read A Whole New World back when I first found Braswell and her twisted tales. Now, I wont say that the book was amazing, because it wasn’t. And I was definitely deeply influenced by my love for Aladdin in my review of it because, looking back, the book really wasn’t that good. But it wasn’t the worst story ever and really only got bad when Jafar was presented as trying to bring specific characters back from the dead. I feel like Braswell could have twisted it better.

If you’re curious to see my slightly skewed review, feel free to give it a read! As always, A Whole New World is available on Goodreads if you’re interested in adding it to your TBR. Happy reading, everyone!

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