32768509Stephanie @ Between Folded Pages loves retellings and that’s basically enough to have me thoroughly interested in following every single one of her reviews. See, that’s the amazing thing, because retellings are one of the best kinds of stories and I swear I would spend my entire life reading them if I could. Now, some are hit or miss, but when you manage to get to that one retelling that just blows you away, you know reading them all was entirely worth it. I couldn’t be more excited to feature Stephanie and her amazing blog this weekend and to showcase a review she wrote for a retelling that I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on now that I’ve read her glowing review. Stephanie blogs mainly about books, though in recent months she has expanded to talk about general life events, parenting, and even her favorite shows–I think we’re all a bit excited and sad about the final Game of Thrones season coming this year–as mentioned in her About Me page!

The review I’ve decided to feature today is for the book Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust. A rehash of the rather popular tale of Snow White, this book features not only the “evil” queen, but also the young girl with whom she finds herself developing a rather volatile rivalry. A romance apparently develops between the two characters, which is something I definitely found missing from the synopsis as I wouldn’t have guessed simply from reading that.

“…first caught my eye when the cover was revealed, and then I found out it was a Snow White retelling and I needed to have it. The story has a wonderful dark fantasy fairytale feel to it and the characters are amazing…”

Are you intrigued? Is this a book you might be interested in? Go ahead and drop by Stephanie’s blog to offer her some much deserved support!

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