lies i toldFrom a farm in the Phillippines, Angela @ Hiding Behind Books has a wonderful blog dedicated to reading just as many of the blogs featured here have. A zombie fan and the owner of 12 dogs, whom I assume are adorable, Angela’s an introvert with a wide variety of genres to write about though she appears to lean toward romance novels. If romance is your genre, you’ll definitely want to check out her reviews.

And, an exciting additional tidbit of information lies in the fact that Angela also features other bloggers on her blog, similar in a way to this, so she definitely deserves some of your support!

One thing I really appreciate about Angela’s reviews is that she takes time to inform potential readers for a book of the triggering pieces in a novel. This is always an important thing to do in reviews as it can be an incredibly upsetting and rough experience to come across something triggering in a novel. For this week, I decided to feature Angela’s review for Lies I Told by Michelle Zink. A great review about a coming of age story, it really captures the feelings behind books that really develop characters.

“…Lies I Told is about HER. It’s a story about making decisions and learning that consequences accompany certain decisions, regardless of your age. More importantly it talks about owning up to your mistakes, standing up for yourself, and doing what is right even if it’s difficult to do…”

Take some time out of your day to drop by Angela’s Hiding Behind Books and give her some much deserved support! And, as always, happy reading everyone!

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