CurioHello everyone and welcome to another throwback Thursday post! I’ve definitely mentioned Curio by Evangeline Denmark on multiple occasions over the years since I read it in 2017. It’s just such a wonderful book that I have loved from the very first moment that I picked it up. I’m dying for a sequel, though I don’t know if one will ever be coming which is a deeply upsetting disappointment, but I suppose we can’t always get everything we want. A book with a gorgeous cover and an absolutely captivating story, Curio is one of those ones that truly shocked me the first time I read it. I hadn’t realized I would be impressed by the book when I picked it up, didn’t have any expectations for it to even be good and Curio ended up being phenomenal. If you’ve not read this book yet, I would highly suggest that you go and grab yourself a copy, give it a read, and then review it because Denmark truly has not gotten enough attention and I’d love to see appreciation for this absolutely amazing book spread a little bit more. Maybe then we’d actually end up getting a sequel!

The start of Curio really gives you a Delirium by Lauren Oliver feel. In a world where teenage boys and girls are forbidden to touch each other, even in small ways like a brush of the shoulder or bumping into one another. This sort of action is an incredible crime and can result in truly dire circumstances. To top it all off, all the people are required to drink a daily potion in order to consume food as their systems have lost the ability to do so on their own. And so on the night that our main character, Grey, is attacked and therefore protected by her best friend Whit, it is no question of whether or not the government will come to punish him for touching her in order to carry her home.

But before you think you know this story, there are twists involving magic, a hidden cabinet, and a boy who has been locked inside for a great many years. Believe me when I say that this story is filled with tons of twists and turns that are exceedingly worth reading. You need this story. If you’re interested, drop by this page and check out my review and then pop right on over to the Goodreads page and add Curio to your TBR!

As always, happy reading everyone!

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