fahrenheit 451So, Tyler @ Windy City Bookshelf is a bit of a coffee fiend, I think perhaps like quite a few people that I work with. I never really caught the coffee bug, so while I can’t relate it’s still pretty fun to see someone refer to themselves as a Coffee Champion because their job involves teaching others about coffee. A wonderful book blogger with an affinity for reading some absolutely amazing authors (check out her about me page to find out which ones!), Tyler’s got a really fun blog to navigate your way about and there’s even a really adorable picture of her cleverly named dog (he’s on the about me page!).

The review I’ve decided to feature today is for a fantastic book that I’ve not read in quite a long time but adored from the very first moment I got my hands on it. A terrifying dystopia that centers around the idea of a world where real thought and knowledge is discouraged as a way to keep people complacent and shows how a government can take advantage of the populace’s societal removal of people’s rights. Tyler’s review of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury  pinpoints some especially important facets of the novel, really getting to the deeply rooted problems underlying the themes that are presented.

“…the government is not responsible for the censorship that takes place. People, day by day, deemed things offensive, and thus, books were whittled down until nothing was left, and they were…”

Let’s all go give Tyler some support today and check out some more of her fantastic reviews. She’s got a long list of reviews that are really worth spending some time reading.

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One thought on “Windy City Bookshelf [Fahrenheit 451] Blogger Support Feature

  1. Great post! I bought that book last year when the HBO film was coming out. I still have yet to read or watch it so far. Hopefully this year I’ll finally get around to reading/watching both. Sounds like a great story.


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