So, I saw this a while ago and never really put in the effort to go ahead and do it, though I always imagined that I would get back to it at some point. I think the alphabet challenge as far as books go is a really fun idea and so, instead of doing exactly what all the other ones have been, I’m kind of adapting it to something more my own.

Some of these books I love, some I don’t care for. In fact, the very last book in this list (the 1 star) is a book that I absolutely hate. The TBR book, however, is one that I have signed and am definitely looking forward to reading.

5 Star A Read:

All Our Yesterdays

4 Star A Read:


3 Star A Read:

across the universe

2 Star A Read:

an abundance of katherines

1 Star A Read:

the alphabet of manliness

A TBR Read:

an absolutely remarkable thing

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