king of scarsI mean, I don’t know anything about King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo and frankly the Grisha verse confuses me quite a lot because I’ve only read one book from it and I didn’t even realize, at the time, that it was one of them. But, this one is on my TBR because I’ve been meaning to read all the rest of the connected books for a long while now. I don’t even know which books all fit into this universe, to tell the truth. Is it all of Leigh Bardugo’s novels? Or just most of them? See, this is what happens when a series is talked about constantly and I haven’t read them. I have cursory information about pieces of it but I haven’t a clue how they all come together. And, to be fair, I’ve only read Six of Crows and I don’t even remember it all that well so there’s a bit of a dissonance there as well.

But, I do plan to read this one, even if it’s synopsis doesn’t interest me all that much because once you’ve read one decent book in a series, it’s pretty much a universal understanding that you’re going to read them all. At least, in my book it is. This book has something to do with a king who needs to find/earn/steal money for his kingdom somehow and restore the very kingdom after a long war, I guess. There’s adventure and magic, as to be expected in this case. I dunno. If it’s as good as Six of Crows I know I’ll at least enjoy reading it, even if I don’t love it.

I imagine this book is probably on a lot of your TBRs. Are you excited for it? Is it actually not on your TBR? If not, why not? Let me know in the comments!

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