when all is saidSo, Jo @ Books & Lovely Things doesn’t have an about me page! I cry…(just kidding). Books & lovely Things is a pretty amazing blog, filled with reviews, blog tours, and one of my favorite things: mini reviews. I don’t tend to write mini reviews, however they are one of the more exciting type of reviews to read in my opinion. And Jo’s are pretty fantastic, definitely tempting you to read some of the books and featuring more than one at once!

Speaking of reviews that make you want to read a book, I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with Jo’s review for When All is Said by Anne Griffin. It’s book that I certainly would not pick up in a normal circumstance but one that I’m actually quite interested in reading now that I’ve read this glowing review for it. I always love when characters stick with you, when they become a part of your life as a result of having read their story. And Maurice seems to be one of them.

“…as you are reading this book you feel as if Maurice is sitting right beside you, weaving this magic storytelling that completely captivates…”

Please take some time to check out this wonderful review for a rather amazing book. And, of course, when you’ve finished, stick around Jo’s blog to give her some much deserved support for her amazing reviews.

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