aru shah and the end of timeDear Bree @ Perpetual Fangirl, I wish I had the dedication to speak in gifs like you do. In all honesty, I think it’s pretty amazing that you’ve got that sort of system going where you have enough available to drop them into a conversation at any time. I think we can all relate, though, to the almost ranting/raving emotional reviews late at night/early in the morning. I’m just imagining various scenarios involving books keeping one up at all hours just to finish and feeling that absolute need to get all your thoughts about the book out into the world as soon as possible.

Today, the review I’ll be featuring is for a book called Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi. One thing I have to say I absolutely love about Bree’s reviews is how she starts them off with a bunch of quick questions about the book that give anyone reading it a sort of review summary to help them decide, quickly, whether they might want to read it. And it’s definitely something that makes checking out her unique views very worth it.

“…and now they have to save the world. That trope never gets old to me. Especially when it’s a couple of…”

Let’s make it a goal to drop by Bree’s blog today and show her some of our support, even if you’re just checking out this one review and her about me page. She’s an amazing reviewer and definitely deserves the love!

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