the dead queens clubI almost don’t want to bother spending time with The Dead Queen’s Club by Hannah Capin. It seems to be implying something along the lines of a beheading, a YA retelling of the actions of the King Henry VIII who had a bunch of his wives executed for one reason or another. While I’ve always loved reading, learning, and watching media about this particular time period in history and the utterly dejecting events that lead up to the King making the decisions he did, a retelling sounds a little strange. And yet, I’m drawn to it. I’ve been pretty back and forth on this book for a while now, not sure whether I truly want to read it or if my desire is something left from a rather morbid curiosity to see how the story is handled. I’m fairly confident that it’s the latter now, but I’m perfectly okay with that being the reason I read the book.

I think the only thing that could turn me away from this one would be if the writing ends up being absolutely awful. And I don’t think that’s likely to happen. I’m very curious to find out what occurs throughout the course of this book, how the comparisons are made, and whether or not this novel ends in any sort of similar tragedy. It will definitely be interesting to find out.

What are your thoughts on this book? Are you curious, as I am, about how the author will handle the retelling? Do you not care about Henry VII and therefore not care about this novel? Will you read it? Let me know in the comments!

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