RoomiesI won Roomies by Christina Lauren in a Goodreads giveaway some time before I actually sat down and read it. The funny thing is that I was actually exceedingly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story. I tend to shy away from romance, especially any sort of novel that includes sex scenes in it. They aren’t something I enjoy and on the few occasions that I’ve read books that include them, I skip it. Now, I’m not going to go ahead and say that I loved them in Roomies, because that’s not actually true. However, as a novel, Roomies did a pretty fantastic job. The scenes didn’t take away from the fun plot and I found myself feeling rather invested in the characters, the events, and everything else. I wont call this the best book in the world, it’s not. But it’s definitely a romance I enjoyed and one that I don’t regret reading.

The plot of the novel actually reminded me of a movie I’d seen about a ballerina who met a violinist with the very same problem that Calvin in Roomies has. He’s an illegal immigrant, his visa having expired and makes his money playing his instrument in the subway. But one night he saves Holland and soon enough she’s repaying him (and helping her uncles) by getting him a part in their performance.

If you’re into romances, I’d definitely suggest giving this book a read. You can check out my review if you think you might be interested and then add it on Goodreads.

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