the spellbook of katrina van tasselDany @ Ambivert Words – Dany’s Book Blog is a South Indian blogger who began reading books written in English sometime last year, an addition to her blog around the time it reached 6 months of existence. A fantasy lover with some pretty fantastic reviews, Dany’s got a lot of books to discuss and rave about on her blog. As always there are her favorite authors (visit the about me page to find out who!) but Dany also spends time building hype for various debuting authors with exceptional novels that have come out recently. And, something I know I was exceedingly excited to showcase when I earned it, Dany is also a top reviewer on NetGalley! Congratulations, Dany. That’s honestly one of the most amazing experiences.

Today I’ve decided to feature Dany’s review for the novel The Spellbook of Katrina van Tassel by Alyssa Palombo, somewhat of a re-imagining of the tale of Sleepy Hollow. A more feminist take on the story’s female lead, Katrina, Dany does an amazing job of piquing your interest in reading this particular book. Her reviews are unique in that they begin with a short summary, a commentary on the characters, the plot, and more all written via categories and bullet points.

“…the cover gave me winter chills and the name of the book gave away Halloween chills…”

Take some time out of your day to drop by Dany’s blog and give her some much deserved support!

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