40641097I feel like there have been a lot of books lately that I find myself vaguely interested in, but not enough to feel a strong desire to read it. And ultimately this lies in the fact that I’d rather read something I’m genuinely excited about. And Come Find Me by Megan Miranda isn’t one of them. I’m interested, for sure, but not that much. And I don’t know if perhaps I’m in a slump or I’m feeling less inclined to add this to my TBR because I’ve been stretched thin this week and feel incredibly exhausted–I don’t know who in their right mind ever thought it’d be okay to have their employees wake up at six in the morning–but I just don’t feel super up to this novel. Truthfully, I find that a little sad because I’m almost convinced that, had I stumbled upon this book a few weeks ago, I might not feel as apathetic about it.

Come Find Me is about two teenagers whose brothers have disappeared several years ago and who are both brought together by this tragedy. Kennedy and Nolan suddenly both stumble upon some strange frequency related to the disappearance of their brothers and as they work to investigate the sounds and the facts of their missing siblings, they find themselves relying on one another to figure everything out. What appears to be a story about alien abduction and the potential abduction of the siblings of prior kidnappings, Come Find Me definitely captures your attention.

I’ve added this to my TBR only on the basis that I might feel less apathetic about it later on. If that doesn’t chance, I might end up pulling it off. But who knows at this point? What are your thoughts on this novel? Do you think you’ll be adding it to your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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