hootI’m sure a great many of you have heard about the novel Hoot in the past. Likely many more people have seen the movie. It’s a pretty fantastic book about consumerism, greedy business, and the need for people to care more about animals and the environment. I’ve always loved this book, from the very first time I ever read it and it’s one that I hold pretty close to my heart. Carl Hiassen really knows how to gather the interest of young readers and present them with important topics while making the reading experience incredibly enjoyable. I love the fact that he touches on so many really important topics in his novels regarding our mistreatment of the planet.

Hoot is the story of two boys and a girl who set out to save a group of nests made by burrowing owls from getting bulldozed over in order for some rich company to put a pancake house. Naturally they don’t care about the owls and have faked environmental reports in order to get the project moving forward. And so a small group of teenagers do everything they can to sabotage the project and raise awareness.

I wrote this review ages ago, in fact it was one of my first ever reviews for this blog. But if you’re interested in reading it, definitely feel free to click and check it out. And if you’ve not read Hoot before, definitely pop over to the Goodreads page and add it to your TBR because you definitely should read this one.

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