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February has been a MONTH. And by month I mean mood. And by mood I mean that I have been stressed and it has been rough. I cannot find enough words to describe what has been going on with work, so I won’t bother. Ironically, the majority of my stress has come from my daily work life than anything else. And books have been a lovely escape.

I have to admit, though, that I’m rather annoyed at the month of February for its short existence because the shortness has not only prevented me from reading more this month, but it also messed with my blog stats. Suffice to say that I feel as though they would not have lowered had there been just a few more days within the month. I never had a significant reason to dislike a month having only 28 days before, but I do now. Whose decision was that, anyway?

I do feel as though I did a pretty good job in February, though I didn’t quite read a book a day like I managed to do in January. The official total is 27 books, which is about as close as I could possibly get. And I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of my progress this year. Here’s to hoping that I can keep it up!

february 2019

I have 21 reviews for you all from the month of February. Some of these books were simply okay, but there were a few gems within. And of all the books, I would say the best book of February was Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. And if you’ve not read or checked out this book yet, please take some time to do so. It’s worth reading. It was one of the last books that I read and the very last review that I wrote.

Book Learnin’ [John McNamee]

Betrothed [Sean Lewis, Steve Uly & Simon Bowland]

Submerged [Vita Ayala & Lisa Sterle]

The Underfoot [Ben Fisher & Emily S. Whitten]

Gracie Jane [Janet Squires]

Untitled [Timothy Young]

Daughter of the Pirate King [Tricia Levenseller]

Our Year of Maybe [Rachel Lynn Solomon]

The Little Black Fish [Samad Behrangi]

The Princess of Baker Street [Mia Kerick]

Your Light: A Musical Storybook [Jillian Aversa]

Stephen Hawking (Little People, Big Dreams) [Isabel Sanchez Vegara]

The Prince and the Dressmaker [Jen Wang]

Rosa Parks (Little People, Big Dreams) [Lisbeth Kaiser]

The Cave [Rob Hodgson]

Just for Clicks [Kara McDowell]

This Place; 150 Years Retold [Various Authors]

Circle [Mac Barnett]

Bookforms [Center for Book Arts]

Wish [Chris Saunders]

Spin the Dawn [Elizabeth Lim]


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