February has ended, can you believe it? Despite the massive amount of stress and things I finished in the past twenty-eight days, this month, for me, flew by so quickly. There are some pieces I’m proud of and some that I just want to forget. But one thing I do want to continue that I began at the start of February for the end of January is the book blogger support features that shine some light on the best book you found yourself reading in the month we just finished.

So, if you’ve got a favorite book that you read in February 2019 and you’d like to be featured in a blog post, fill out the form below and I’ll link back to your blog in my February favorite reads blogger support feature!

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2 thoughts on “What’s the BEST Book You Read in February? [Blogger Support Feature]

  1. I totally feel the same. I mean I know February IS shorter, but it felt like the shortest month ever. I hope that means March doesn’t drag on forever 😛 I just want it to be spring already


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