One of the more fun pieces of this tag is finding the books I’m going to be featuring. It’s interesting to go through and realize how many books titles match up in the alphabet and realize that there are a large number that you love and think fit the category. Choosing the book that is most three star out of the others is an interesting thing. I don’t imagine everyone will agree with my opinions and I definitely need to write my reviews for them to explain, but for now here are the D reads.

I’m not usually a fan of zombie novels and so it’s rather a surprise that The Dead Tossed Waves managed to be a five star read for me, but I just really loved this book and the others in the series. I’m still not quite sure why. Divergent, if I returned to it, would probably have a lower rating than four stars. Still, I ironically didn’t have many four star books in this category. Daughter of the Pirate King is the book I imagine most will disagree with me on, but honestly…I just didn’t like it. And the couple? They were annoying. As for the final two, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud was just not the book I thought it was and Destroy Me promotes abusive relationships. So, there you have it.

5 Star D Read:

the dead tossed waves

4 Star D Read:


3 Star D Read:

Daughter of the Pirate King

2 Star D Read:

the death and life of charlie st. cloud

1 Star D Read:

destroy me

D TBR Read:

the darkest minds

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