So, I’m rolling out a new post series this week (and potentially a new one next week but we’ll see how prepared I am by the time that comes around) and it’s basically a kind of currently read post where I leave a brief commentary about all the books I read that week. I’ve found that the in-depth wrap up posts I used to do are a bit too much and therefore am cutting back on making them super extra and doing something simple. I know it’s Monday currently, but this post series is going to be, from this point forward, primarily for Sundays.

Last week, I think, was somewhat busy and I don’t think I read nearly as many as I might have if I’d had more time, but that’s alright. I still managed to finish some pretty exceptional novels; To Kill a Kingdom and The Everlasting Rose! Speaking of which, I finished The Everlasting Rose just in time for its release date which, though I assume many of you already know, is tomorrow! So expect a review sometime tonight. A little hint, the book was super engaging.

Honestly, I’m pretty pleased with this list for last week now that I’ve actually gotten a better look at it. Six books is pretty impressive and wonderful. Of the six, I have to say I think To Kill a Kingdom was my favorite with The Everlasting Rose and Spin the Dawn coming in at close seconds. I’ve already reviewed four of these (which you can check out below if you’d like!), but look at for reviews for the last two because they’ll be coming soon. As always, happy reading everyone!

Ace of Shades [Amanda Foody]
Spin the Dawn [Elizabeth Lim]
Stop Looking at Your Phone [Son of Alan]
Scarlet [Marissa Meyer]

And finally, a few other reviews I wrote this week but not from books finished this week:
This Place; 150 Years Retold [Various Authors]
Circle [Mac Barnett]
Bookforms [Center for Book Arts]
Wish [Chris Saunders]

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